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Exclusive Services for Accounting Firms

We provide an outsourcing service to Accounting Practices right across Australia. 

We are experts in the SMSF field and assist firms with meeting their tax compliance obligations for their clients.

Most importantly, we sign a non-disclosure statement so that your clients and their information are protected. Information is only disclosed if requested by law or you have authorised us to do so.

Our Promise

We promise to save your firm time and stress. We aim to deliver top quality work at a price that we know you will be satisfied with.


Our Procedures

We only work with firms that use BGL SimpleFund 360.

Our reason behind this is that we have invested heavily in our outsourcing procedures around this software to make our service to you as streamlined as possible.

We utilise the Document, Workpaper and Workflow functions of your BGL software in providing our services.


Our Shared Vision

At the end of the day, our goal is to achieve a shared vision of ensuring clients are meeting tax obligations and are well looked after. 


Our Capacity

As you can imagine, January to May are our busiest periods and when we have firms reaching out to us the most. Please ensure you contact us sooner rather than later to avoid dissapointment.

Our current turnaround time (from the time we receive the SMSF workpapers to the queries stage or finalisation if no queries) is approximately 2 weeks.

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