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Working from home deduction

From 1 July 2022 (2023 FY), there are two methods available to calculate your Working From Home deduction (once you've established eligibility to claim):

  1. Revised Fixed Rate Method

  2. Actual Cost Method

Revised Fixed Rate Method

  • an amount per work hour for additional running expenses

  • separate amount for expenses not covered by the revised fixed rate, such as the decline in value of depreciating assets

  • you no longer need a dedicated home office.

The fixed hourly rate for the 2023 financial year is 67cents.

Please note the special COVID rate (Shortcut Method) of 80 cents/hour ceased on 30 June 2022.

Actual Cost Method

  • the actual expenses you incur as a result of working from home.

There are different record keeping requirements depending on the method used.

Please contact our office (0451 040 656) if you would like to discuss your Working From Home deduction eligibility or calculation of your claim.

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